✔️ Apartman Hotel Sárvár Price information

The room rates include: accommodation, parking in closed parking lot, WiFi Internet and VAT. Local tax: 500HUF/person/night (extra to pay above 18 years). Buffet breakfast: 3000 HUF/person/occasion. Dinner: 4000 HUF/person/occasion. Extra bed: 4000 HUF/person/night. Children's discount: For children 0-1 years accommodation is free. For children 1-12 years the accommodation costs 3000 HUF/person/night in extra bed, meals are provided for half price. Baby bed: 1000 HUF/night. Air conditioning: 1000 HUF/night. Pets: 2000 HUF/night. Check-in: from 14.00. Check-out: until 10.00.
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